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Directors’ Message

Safely Gathering Knowledge Together!

Welcome to a new year of learning! It won’t look exactly like it has in the past, but we promise to do our best to keep you engaged and growing – even if it’s from a distance! The current pandemic has turned our world upside down and sideways as we’re sure it has for many of you. Trying to navigate these unchartered waters has not been easy, but your local adult education programs are committed to providing both academic and enrichment opportunities that meet the needs of our communities. As part of that commitment, RSU 40 has assumed management of RSU 12’s adult education program in order to expand both its service area and offerings. Our three programs will work collaboratively to bring as many in-person and on-line learning options to our fall line-up as possible. Granted, there are a number of our tried and true favorite classes (ballroom dancing, Gouache painting, juggling, just to name a few) that simply don’t translate well to a remote format, but we hope some of our other offerings will spark your interest and get your creative juices flowing! Due to safety concerns, we will not be able to hold any of this fall’s enrichment classes in the AOS 93 schools. The safety protocols that would need to be established following after school and evening in-person classes would be too much for the school custodians to take on given the level of sanitation now required. RSU 40 and RSU 12 will be offering some in-person classes at their schools but not nearly as many as in the past. The majority of our offerings this fall are provided in a remote format in order to keep our participants, and our instructors, safe. We know it’s going to feel very different this fall, but we hope you’ll take advantage of one or more of the learning opportunities listed in these pages and make a difference in someone’s life. All the money we receive for our enrichment programs is used to support our free high school equivalency and college transition programs. These programs do, in fact, change people’s lives and offer hope for an improved future. Our adult education programs took a very big financial hit this past spring when we were forced to shut down all of our in-person classes and we will take another big hit this fall. We greatly appreciate all of you who donated your spring course fees in order to keep us afloat and hope you will consider signing up for an on-line class this fall. On an exciting note . . . our wonderful artisans with their own shops (i.e. our gifted potter, Liz Proffetty, and woodworker extraordinaire, Rick Gallion) will be able to continue with in-person classes this fall by following social distancing guidelines and the wearing of masks. We hope you’ll take advantage of these outstanding hands-on opportunities! AND . . . please remember that we are always on the lookout for new and exciting classes. If you, or someone you know, has an idea for a class and is willing to teach, we would love to hear from you. Either in person or remotely . . . please share your ideas! On a sad note . . . this past year, we lost our beloved CLC AE Advisory Board member and long-time advocate for adult education, Melba Boynton, and wish to dedicate this issue of our brochure in her memory. Thank you, Melba, for your many years of service. You will be greatly missed.

Learning for everyone

Make 2020 the year you learn to play guitar…get your degree… change jobs…

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

  • Oct
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    Cooking Your Way

    Cooking your Way is a distanced learning class provided by The University of Maine Cooperative Extension. It is a fun. interactive series with there zoom workshops and three independent online classes. We will help you make healthier versions of your favorites! All sessions are online, class topics are session 1- Get cooking Healthier recipe ideas, […]

  • Oct
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    10 Steps to A Healthier You

    Are you or someone you know interested in improving you and your family’s health, saving money at the grocery store and basic nutrition tips? This is a ten lesson series each lesson is 15-20 minutes in length. It consists of self les online learning through interactive videos, print lessons and worksheets. Participants learn about healthy […]

  • Oct
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    Best Clothing Styles For your Body Type

    Would you like to look “together” every time you got dressed? Knowing how to dress for your natural coloring, body type and face shape is a learned skill. Radiant Image can teach you how to choose flattering clothing colors for your unique skin, hair, and eye coloring and how to select the best clothing styles […]

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